New Dump Site in Town?

dump site
An otherwise lovely area completely spoilt

When photographs were taken of the almost empty dam below the cultural village in the old “wildskamp” recently, a dump site noticed …

Residents have started dumping household waste and building rubble all along Muller Street. This not only seriously damages the aesthetics of the lovely area, but definitely creates health hazards as well. Many complaints in this regard have been received and it does not need someone very clever to realise that we are heading for disaster if something is not done to stop this. The same can be seen on the way to group 10 and along the “spruit” below Anema Street and at the bridges in Draad, Retief and Brand Streets. This cannot always be understood, seeing that Mkhondo really has a well sustained proper dumping site.

Residents who dump household waste in their yards next to fences, and therefore very near neighbouring houses, or who keep wild stock in their residential yards, also create serious health hazards and promote the infestation of rats, flies and other pests. This little town of ours is a jewel – one of the most beautiful areas in the country. With Mkhondo being situated amongst many trees and running water, residents have so many privileges for which to be thankful, but we mess it up! While discussing the problem with our local municipality, many positive ideas were discussed and great things await us.

In the meantime, residents are requested to:

• Please NOT litter, but to use bins;

• Please NOT dump waste anywhere else but at the dumping site;

• Please make use of the well organised system of black bags for household waste that are removed regularly from pavements on designated days;

• Please help keeping our town and surrounding areas neat and clean, so that visitors can also be attracted to this beautiful area. How on earth can one justify keeping one’s car and yard clean, but all the dirt from inside is simply left in the street or beyond the yard’s fence? How selfish! Plastic does not decompose and bags are strewn everywhere by the wind, creating hazards for wild life and spoiling the “view”. A warning to inconsiderate residents who do not adhere to the above: • You will be named and shamed in public should you be identified;

• You might even be fined. The Mkhondo Municipality tries to keep the streets clean and workers can always be seen picking up other people’s mess, but over weekends when they get their rest the “pigs” are on the go again.

Residents of Mkhondo, let us take hands and fight this evil! Pollution of our vleis, veld, plantations and water (and even littering in the streets) is simply unacceptable. Any company or organisation that would like to be an active partner or anyone with ideas for competitions, campaigns, law enforcement, recycling, etcetera, regarding the problem, may contact, for same to be discussed with the Mkhondo Municipality’s waste management. Good news is that, after discussions with Mr Vusi Dube, Solid Waste Manager at Mkhondo Municipality, the reaction was very positive. Thank you, Mr Dube and team for clearing the site.