March against drugs

march against drugs
Some of the marchers at the soccer field

In spite of the cool overcast and even a little rainy weather, quite a few people turned up to march against drugs, with members of the DA, on Saturday, 28 November.

March against drugs – It is true that the use and abuse of and dealing in drugs are escalating worldwide which, alas, is no different in Mkhondo. Numerous stories (mostly truths) are told about how these drugs affect and ruin people’s lives as well as those of their families. Those who fight against this evil often seem to fight a battle lost before it has even started.

Urgent and proactive action is therefore needed to put an end to it. More or less 150 people attended the DA’s march against drugs in our town on Saturday. The march started at the main entrance to the police station in Kotze Street, at 09:00 and ended at the soccer field in Kruger Street. Once the group had arrived at the soccer field, Gloria Maree (fom the Methodist Church) led all present in prayer.

DAY (DA youth representative) Muso Kubheka and Political Head Tarnia Baker (also a member of parliament) attended as well. The idea behind the march was to ask for a narcotics unit to be established in Mkhondo, in order to address this issue regarding the use, abuse and dealing in drugs and to therefore nip it in the bud. If you are already “hooked” please contact MARC and if you know of any drug pushers, outlets and so forth, please contact the police. Let’s all work together towards a drug free Mkhondo!