MARC: Looking into the Future

Student from Ndawonye Primary giving feedback on their discussions
Mkhondo Alathia Rehabilitation Centre MARC took a peep into the future on 1 December 2015. Lately many voices have been heard against the availability, use and abuse of drugs in and around Mkhondo.

Some seem to be giving up hope as this evil is seemingly increasing and solutions are not found. A Youth Summit in this regard was held for Primary School Leaders in the hall of the Dutch Reformed (NG) Church on Tuesday, 1 December. Head boys and head girls from the local Primary Schools were invited to use this opportunity to come and share their experience in the field of addiction. Four years ago, at a similar occasion, the warning was that a sharp increase in the use of drugs in our area would be experienced.

This summit, alas, brought no better news. Teachers who attended were less sceptical this time around and actively participated in their own group. Ideas were shared on how to manage this “epidemic” that is killing our future, by also killing our youth. This was a very constructive morning and everyone present felt that this should be an annual event. Thank you, Mr. Pheunias Mokoka and team, for such a well-organised and constructive event. The Dutch Reformed Church is thanked as well, for making their facilities available. Let us all take hands in fighting this evil.