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Legal Aid

The Legal Aid (South Africa) team from the Piet Retief Satellite Office of the Ermelo Justice Centre, had an outreach to the Kayelihle Centre for the aged in Ethandakukhanya on Friday, 27 November.

This outreach from Legal Aid was two-in-one campaign which firstly formed part of the 16 days of activism against the abuse of women and children, while also “giving back” something to the pensioners. Everyone had brunch together, consisting of hot dogs and muffins, after which the aged persons all received T-shirts, key holders and goody bags. They were also introduced to and left with the Older Person’s Act. It was a very enjoyable morning and everyone wanted copies of the photos that were taken.

To the visitors’ surprise it transpired that members of the Kayelihle Centre had entered for the Golden Competition (athletics for older persons). Two of them actually reached the National Level, namely Isaac Kunene (73) in running and Merica Shandu (68), a disabled person who can only use her left side, in pegging. Well done! You set an example for many. Thank you team Legal Aid South Africa for reaching out to our older persons.