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Installation of Electricity Cable

For quite some time now, many a resident has been noticing and wondering what all the digging in Mark Street is about. Contractors, Kapabokoni Trading Projects, have been contracted by the Mkhondo Municipality to add a new electricity cable to settle electricity problems in town.

In a press release issued by the Mkhondo Local Municipality on 24 November it is stated as follows: “Kindly note that the Municipality is currently installing an 11kV cable from the main substation to the mini substation in Smith Street. This cable will assist the Municipality in creating a ring feed which will minimize power shortage during a cable fault in the existing 11kV cable. The benefiting communities will be the households in eMkhondo town. The project was planned to be completed on the 20th of November 2015.

However, due to the delay of receiving the cable, the contractor started planting the cable on Monday, the 23rd of November and it is anticipated that the work will be completed by Monday, the 30th of November 2015. The contractor has to dig long trenches due to the fact that the cable comes in 300m rolls and in some areas hand labour is required to try and avoid damaging other services, which also takes time. The Municipality has initiated a project to upgrade the main substation to increase the capacity of the station so as to accommodate the fast growing development in eMkhondo. For any queries or requests for information, kindly contact Mrs H. T. Phakathi (Mkhondo Local Municipality – MPU office) on 017 826 8134/64.”

On Wednesday, 18 November, the workers digging the trench for the new cable were already digging in the Post Office area, and later in the week they were noticed digging on the pavement next to the NG Church which is just around the corner from the Smith Street mini substation. This means that the end is near – at least for the digging part. Residents are thankful towards the Mkondo Municipality for trying to act pro-actively, before a transformer is lost due to it being overloaded and consequently blown up. Now we can just hope that the job will be finished in good time and that Mark Street’s pavements will be restored soon and neatly as well.

electricity cable

electricity cable
Mr Frank Mewhufumba and his team
from Kapabokoni Trading Projects

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