Goodbye Gibson Sithebe!

Gibson Sithebe
Gibson Sithebe

Everyone, at some stage in life, reaches a point when goodbyes have to be said and now such a time has arrived for Gibson Sithebe at Excelsior News and Excelsior Printers.

Gibson was born on the 6th of June 1955 in the “Old Location” in Piet Retief and started working at Excelsior Printers in February 1976. He worked as a general worker for Mr Rob Burns before the latter’s brother, Mr Ian Burns took over the business. For the last 10 years he has been in Mr Ken Burns’s employment. Over the years Gibson has proved himself to be a very trustworthy, hardworking and loyal employee. He has actually become part of the family and the “furniture”. Known to many as Shorty, Gibson has been driving the Excelsior Prin-ters van for a very long time, delivering newspapers and other printed matter all over the Mkhondo area.

He often drove the young Carol and Kenneth Burns to and from school in Vryheid as well, when they were youngsters. Gibson says he got his driver’s licence under the “kwaai” Steve Stapelberg, previously a traffic officer in Piet Retief. He remembers good times with the likes of Rouvierre Rens and Jannie Gouws who both worked at the Excelsior News for many years and he speaks well and with admiration of the present Burns family too, but now, sadly the time has come for him to retire. Gibson seems worried about the youngsters of today that do not stick to a job and stay loyal to their employers.

His advice is that one should work hard and give your all as it is definitely worth the while and very satisfactory. Now that he has retired, Gibson intends seeing the necessary specialists in order to iron out all the health niggles that he has lately and spending more time with his family. Gibson and his wife, Brenda, have four children (two sons and two daughters) and four grandchildren of whom he is tremendously proud. He will also be keeping his garden in shipshape. All of us here at Excelsior will really miss you, Gibson! May your retirement become everything that you expect of it.