This is an Emergency Address

Emergency Address
Emergency Address

When one drives, cycles, runs or walks through the streets of eMkhondo, it becomes more and more difficult to find an Emergency Address or place(s) one is headed to.

Newcomers and visitors to the town, journalists and, alas, emergency personnel find it all the more difficult to locate people because of the absence of proper signs, indicating street names. Not everyone has been living in the area for more than 30 years …

Having proper signs seems to have become old fashioned or unnecessary, but what happens when one needs to urgently get an ambulance or the police to your residence for assistance, but they cannot find the address? Might the time spent, looking for the correct place not cost lives?

Of course, having the number of the house or property in the street displayed clearly is as important and should be added by homeowners themselves. For the street name signs, the assistance of the Mkhondo Municipality will probably have to be called for.

Areas like Extension 6 and Group 10, for example, have a rather complicated layout and finding your way can be a challenge. Even in older areas, it can help a lot if the names of streets are clear, but they are, however, absent in most places.

Some residents have decided to do something about this situation by having signs made and erected. Well done! Missing street names are, not only frustrating, but also indicate serious negligence, which may even result in fatalities during emergencies.

What will happen if your address is given in an emergency, but cannot be found?