Crime News

Crime news
A safe door after being grinded in order to gain access to it

Crime News – It seems as if schools are targeted countrywide in a new bout of housebreaking and/or business burglaries and vandalism.

In the Excelsior News of 20 November 2015 it was reported that the Piet Retief Primary School had been broken into. Standard bank had its turn on 22 November and on Friday, 27 November, the Piet Retief High School was the target. Somewhere during Friday night the perpetrators gained access to the inside of the roof of the office building at the Piet Retief High School and followed the wiring until the origin of the alarm system was found. The alarm was then disabled, whereafter the perpetrators used a crowbar to break open the outside door to the principal’s office.

The computer and accompanying camera with footage was stolen together with about 14 other computers. Havoc was created in all the offices with drawers being emptied and files and content of cupboards and drawers being strewn over the floor. Once again, the door to the safe was grinded open to gain access to the content thereof. Rumours have it that two schools in Bethlehem (Free State) and one school each from Bethal and Standerton have had similar experiences. Apparently there was also an attempt of housebreaking at Amadlelo Aluhlaza Secondary School when a classroom was broken into and some teaching instruments were stolen.

Some other cases reported at the SAPS were:

• An inmate of the local correctional services facility escaped over the weekend. He had been arrested for assault and apparently escaped by bending open the wires of a fence. More information is not availale at present.

• A murder was reported after a person who had been stabbed, died in hospital. Circumstances that lead to this death are still investigated.

• AT PFR 102 as well as in town, some copper cables were stolen again.

• Another business burgalry in De Wet Street was reported.

• In the Belfast area trees/poles were cut and stolen.

Read about other crime cases in Piet Retief here. 

The SAPS had a special operation last week and it seems as if most of the above reported cases happened as from Friday evening, after the operation had been completed. The fraud statistics at the SAPS are climbing seriously, but this does not reflect the true situation. Members of the public are requested to please go to their bank should they encounter problems at an ATM, such as money that does not immediately become available or cards that are swallowed by the machine. Often mistakes are rectified automatically within 24 hours by the bank, but by then a case of fraud had mistakenly been reported at the SAPS already. All livestock owners are requested to make sure that all branding is in place and done correctly as the stock theft unit is seriously on the lookout for any discrepancies in this regard. Note: The application for bail for the suspects in the Standard Bank burglary could not be heard on Tuesday, 1 December and has been posponed to 8 December 2015.

crime news
A safe door after being grinded in order to gain access to it