Arise and Rebuild Church Awards Scholers

Arise and Rebuild Church
Arise and Rebuild Church
It is imperative that our children be raised with the Word of God as guide stone and therefore the worth of attending Arise and Rebuild Church Sunday school cannot be underestimated.

The children of the Arise and Rebuild Church in Ethandakukhanya are therefore encouraged to attend Sunday school regularly. The South African Sunday School Assosiation also encourages children to complete all levels. Recently two of the Sunday schoolers at the Arise and Rebuild Church were awarded with certificates of recognition for such dedicated commitment. They attended Sunday school from grade one to twelve!

Surely something they will never regret in life. At the same time their Sunday-school teachers were awarded as well, for their commitment over the same period of 12 years. They are dedicated, for sure, and their effort of going all out, is much appreciated by learners and parents alike. Congratulations to both learners and teachers. You have invested in something greater than anyone can assess. Pastor Jeanette Khumalo has recently received her “Doctor of Divinity” from the Omega Global University in Nelspruit, but she remains humble and true happiness shows in her face when she speaks of the children in the Sunday school. May your congregation grow and your children learn to always love and serve the Lord.