T-junction Repaired

The repaired T-junction
The repaired T-junction

Luckily the T-junction where Retief Street joins with Von Brandis Street, was one of the parts of road that was recently repaired jointly by the Mkhondo Municipality and Bidvest.

This T-junction was featured in the Excelsior News (24 April 2015) before as it seemed to have been overlooked when repairs were done after serious damages to the surface had occurred after a pipe had been fixed speedily during December 2014. The road, however, had merely been fixed by levelling the soil over the dug up area and by 24 April, four months later the road was still quite a mess.”

Some months after the first article appeared in the paper, nothing had been done, as could clearly been seen on a photo taken early in October, of the same spot, still in desperate need of repair. Now, another month later we gladly report that a photo could be taken of a properly repaired road and thanks to Mkhondo and Bidvest, one can drive safely through the junction and turn without “slipping and sliding”