SASSA Greets Antoon Klopper


Two stalwarts have recently retired from service at SASSA, Mr Sibiya from Albert Luthuli and none other than our own Antoon Klopper from Mkhondo.

At a function held at the Mkhondo Abounded Life Church on Friday, 2 October, a final farewell was said to the retiring staff. The function was attended by senior staff from Albert Luthuli and Mkhondo, who addressed the retirees and others present. There was a lovely trio item and the District Office Choir impressed with quite a number of items. Antoon Klopper started his career in the Post Office in 1972, but was transferred to Government in 1977.

He served a total of 42 years and 9 months, of which 38 years and six months were at SASSA. Antoon says that he experienced a feeling of belonging and enjoyment with SASSA. His years at the organisation kept him busy, let him gain skills and qualifications along the way and allowed him to find and develop great friendships that he will cherish. Through his interaction with their SASSA clients, he learned about people’s suffering and despair. He was touched, however, by the knowledge that their work made a difference in people’s lives. He is therefore proud of his career.

He says that he might not have become rich or famous, but he was given the opportunity to make the said difference and serve people to the best of his ability. The time for Antoon’s saying goodbye, has arrived after almost 43 years and now there will be time for fishing, building and restoring old cars and spending time with his family. He says: “I would like to thank all for being my colleagues over the years as well as my friends and family who have supported me and finally I need to acknowledge my Creator – God, who has blessed me to reach retirement age.” Enjoy the retirement, Antoon, the well-earned time for your hobbies and relaxation and the opportunity to spend more time with Jana and the rest of your family.