SAPS Caution Parents


SAPS Caution Parents to Take Care – Shocking news has been received: quite a number of little girls were raped in the Mkhondo area during the weekend of 6 to 8 November.

Seeing that one of these little girls is as young as a mere four months old and another is only two years old, it is apt that parents should be cautioned to not let children in the care of simply anyone. Parents are requested to please not be negligent when it comes to taking care of loved young ones. Make sure that you can trust whoever you leave your child with. Better be safe than sorry. After all, who wants to be blamed of being instrumental allowing your little baby/girl to be raped? On Thursday 5 and Friday 6 November, there was an alleged hostage drama at Kangra Coal. Currently, more information from their side is still awaited.

On Friday, 6 and Saturday 7 November fire was deliberately and maliciously set to various plantations in the Vrede area. This incident, are covered in a separate article in this issue of the Excelsior News. In the latter case of the fires, the SAPS also extend a warning to parents to keep their children away from the fires, as it can be extremely dangerous for them as well as for the fire-fighters whose lives are endangered when untrained people hang around “sightseeing” when fires are fought.