OAK Fishing Bonanza

OAK Fishing Bonanza

The OAK Fishing Bonanza started on a rainy Friday evening, the 16th of October 2015 and the competition closed on the Sunday morning at 09:00 on the 28th of October 2015.

We did not complain about the rain as it is very much needed and it did not scare the hardcore fishermen away. Some of the anglers came as far as Standerton, Bethal, Ermelo, Vryheid, Volksrust, Pongola, Glencoe and Dundee.

The age spread was also remarkable as the youngest angler who entered was F.C. Swart at the age of 8-years and the oldest angler who entered was Sarel Herbst at the age of 80-years. When the registration was completed the tents and caravans were pitched in the rain. The fishing commenced at 20:00 on the Friday evening.

The participants were scattered around the dam as well as in the camp site of the Heyshope Dam Boat Club grounds where they put up their camp sites. The event was marked with true fisherman’s spirit as all the participants (who came to weigh in the fish caught throughout the Friday evening and the rest of the weekend) were not eager to elaborate on what they had used to catch their prized fish and where they had caught the fish. The common answer received on the above question as to where they had caught their fish was: “Hier in die dam”.

A total of 91 anglers entered the Bonanza and participated in the OAK Fishing Bonanza. A total of 533.72 kilograms of fish was weighed in through the entire competition.The prize winners were all local fishermen from Piet Retief. The first prize of the Bonanza Jan de Bruin who won the 3M Fibre Glass Dinghy complete with a 2.5Hp 4 stroke Suzuki Outboard motor, with a combined Bonanza bag weight of 19.72 kg which consisted of a 1.12 kg Bass, 14.60 kg Barbel and a 4.00 kg Karp.

The second prize of the Bonanza: Gerald Blatchford won the 54Lb 12 Volt Salt Water Trawling Motor. The Heaviest Bag of Fish: Was won by Johan Robberts who collected the R7 500-00 prize money in cash for his total bag weight of 84.74 kg for the Heaviest Bag of Fish category.

The Heaviest Yellow fish: Was won by Antoon Klopper who collected the R2 000-00 prize money in cash for his heaviest yellow fish that weighed in at 1.21 kg. F.C. Swart won the Junior angler award who weighed in a Bonanza bag consisting of Carp, Barbel and Bass for the Bonanza prize. The whole event was a success with everyone’s valued support and sponsorships and enjoyed by families alike. We are looking forward to host the same Bonanza competition next year. We as committee members would like to thank all the participating anglers and the sponsors who made this a successful event.

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