NCT Invests in Uzwelo

NCT invests in Uzwelo
Sam Yolaris, Wendy Stapelberg, Jeremy Carr and Philip Day (chairman of NCT)

NCT Invests in Uzwelo Children’s Education – NCT has had a long-standing, continuous relationship with Uzwelo Home, mostly investing in the education of the children.

This year, once again, they are sponsoring each child in the home clothing for a brand new school uniform for 2016. Jeremy Carr did the presentation of the funds, on behalf of NCT, to Wendy Stapelberg, who represented Uzwelo’s management team, at Uzwelo Children’s Home on Thursday, 22 October. Tea, coffee, juice and some very tasty bites were served afterwards. It is true that our children are the leaders of tomorrow and that they all deserve proper education. Thanks to the likes of NCT, proper education is also possible for the children at Uzwelo. Be assured, Philip Day, Jeremy Carr, Anita Nicholson (from NCT Head Office) and everyone at NCT, that your prolonged friendship with (and interest in) the children of Uzwelo is sincerely appreciated by every member of staff, the management and the children themselves. Friends of Uzwelo, always …