Fun and Sun at Natal Spa

Fun and Sun at Natal Spa
Grade sixes enjoy

The grade 6O and grade 6V classes were therefore rewarded with a day of relaxation and fun at Natal Spa.

In many schools, nowadays, fundraising projects are conducted in the form of class competitions where the class which raises the most funds is rewarded in some or other way – usually by having some fun activity.

At the Piet Retief Primary School, two classes were very close together in winning the fundraising project at the school, at the beginning of the year. The learners from these two classes were allowed to take a break from their busy school schedules on the 4th of November to enjoy their day of fun in the sun.

They had loads of fun in the water and out. The slides were well used and enjoyed as well. The learners and their teachers would like to thank Mr. Roodt for such an opportunity as well as Mrs Sandra Laubscher and Mrs Rhona Niebuhr who kept the children fed and hydrated on the very hot day. It is really appreciated very much. Surely, it is well worth working hard to raise funds if the end result can include so much fun. One cannot help but wonder who the lucky ones will be next year …