Causeway Collapsed

The collapsed causeway as seen from the side
The collapsed causeway as seen from the side
An unsafe bridge used by buses to transport schoolchildren between Ethandakukhanya and Salem School has a causeway collapsed completely.

According to a bystander, a truck passed over the causeway on the morning of Monday, 16 November and apparently the truck made it in the nick of time.

As soon as it had crossed the causeway, the latter collapsed. It is too ghastly to contemplate what could have happened if the collapsing had occurred while a school bus, carrying children, was crossing …

For anyone using the road, the only “warning” about looming disaster ahead, is a large rock in the middle of the road on one side of the “bridge”, probably placed there by some Good Samaritan.

On the other side, a row of smaller stones have been placed. The stones might, however, not be seen in time because of a substantial drop in the gradient, therefore this spot can still pose great danger for any unsuspecting user. Another scary fact was noticed.

Children in school uniform cross the railway bridge, just beyond the fallen causeway, on foot in large groups and walk home in scattered groups along the line on both sides. This was noticed at the same time that an extremely long goods train was approaching, travelling on the railway line between the groups of children and onto the bridge, before all the children had left it.

Might this not be another disaster waiting to happen? Is this always the way they travel to and from school or do they walk along the railway because the bus can no longer use the bridge?