Cattle grazing in town

cattle grazing

Town or Farm? Energy Saving Way of Keeping Grass Short? A strange phenomenon was noticed in Smit Street on Monday, 19 October – cattle grazing on the side of the road …

In the Excelsior News of 15 May a photo was placed of the overgrown pavement at the same place in Smit Street (towards the Piet Retief High School). This complicated walking for pedestrians who have to use the pavement, even endangering their lives, but the issue was addressed soon after by the Mkhondo Municipality and the grass on the pavement has been kept rather short since.

A fact that is much appreciated. Seeing the herd of about 20 head of cattle grazing along the side of the road and in the vlei, made one wonder (tongue in the cheek) if this was now an easier, energy saving way of keeping the grass on the pavements at bay?

Does this, however, mean that any cattle may now graze anywhere and that livestock may be kept in residential areas? No matter how peaceful and rural these grazing cattle might appear, why are they there? They seem to be in a good condition and most of them are tagged. Does their being there pose any threat? What if they cause accidents at this busy spot where many scholars walk and others are transported in various ways. No cattle herder was noticed anywhere near the beasts.

cattle grazing
Smitstraat beeste