Business burglaries


Recently business burglaries were conducted in various places in Mkhondo. During the weekend of 23-25 October four burglaries were reported, of which three were at businesses.

In one instance in Piet Retief, a successful arrest was made and arms were found on the perpetrators. In another instance, security guards were overwhelmed, assaulted and tied up late at night on Saturday, 24 October. About eight men then broke into a well-known business in Amsterdam. They tried to force open the safe but was, fortunately, not successful. The culprits did, however, take a vehicle (bakkie) which was parked in the yard and escaped. The bakkie was found abandoned on the Nerston road on Monday, 26 October. Apparently the suspects had run out of petrol and left the vehicle there with the key still in the ignition. The matter is still being investigated. One case of housebreaking was reported at Group 10.

A case of attempted murder was also reported, but more information is not available yet. Residents are cautioned to be on the lookout for aspirant thieves who pretend to be interested in buying houses. The case that was reported last week, where first three ladies and the following day three men pretended to be interested in buying a house, only to steal from the house, was not the only such case. Apparently two more similar incidents were reported. We all have to fight crime and be vigilant. Please do not become the next prey through your own negligence.