Tone Chimes Stars

The Tone Chimes group
The Tone Chimes group

Although the Tone Chimes Stars did not go through to the finals at SA’s Got Talent, they did extremely well.

On 11 July, the Tone Chimes Stars got three “yesses” from the judges at the auditions in Johannesburg, meaning they stood a chance of going throug to the semifinals. They, however, had to actually be chosen which they were not. (There was a hint, erroneously, as to them having gone through to the finals in the article about the marching band in last week’s paper).

All communication with the media was refused after the July auditions in order to keep the telivised competition lively. But now we can still proudly congratulate this group of musicians for getting so far in the competition. Keep up the good work and enjoy your performance at the school’s prize-giving. As most of the learners in the group are in grade 7, a new Tone Chimes group will be chosen next year.

We can’t wait to hear them perform!