AgriSETA Awards – TWK Receives Two


AgriSETA (The Agricultural Sector for Educational Training) appropriates funds for skills development in the country on an annual basis.

The AgriSETA funds are applied for skills development (such as health and safety training, basic training and soft skills training) for bursaries for studies, for graduate placements, and for internships and learnerships. Agricultural companies throughout the country apply for these during certain window periods, seriously motivating all applications.

AgriSETA decides how many learnerships, bursaries and so on are allowed, taking previous successes into consideration. During the 2014/2015 period there were various learnerships, but the focus was on the grain handling and agri trade processes. At the end of each financial year, successes are measured. Agricultural companies hand in their nominations. The very deserving ones are shortlisted, assessed and interviewed. All short-listed companies and individuals are visited.

This year, TWK was nominated for two AgriSETA Awards category prizes: TWK for leading employer (skills development) and Chantel Joubert for best performing learner (learnerships). AgriSETA saw a total of 109 entrants from agricultural companies across the country, from which only the finalists were invited to the prize-giving function. Only the winner and one runner-up were announced in each category.

TWK was announced the winner leading employer of all and Chantel Joubert as the runnerup best performing learner in the country. Really quite an achievement! Congratulations on receiving these excellence awards!

A special word of thanks and appreciation goes to Mariska Muller. She is the skills development facilitator at TWK and the real driving force behind the AgriSETA applications and nominations, making sure that everything is done in time.