SAPS and “Partners” hard on Crime


According to members of the SAPS Piet Retief as well as the CPF (Piet Retief Community Policing Forum) criminals have been quite active lately in spite of various operations being conducted.

In the early morning hours of Monday 14 September, the Farmwatch section of Agri Piet Retief retrieved a stolen vehicle even before it had been reported as stolen. Police clothing was apparently found in the motor vehicle, but no further information is available yet. On Monday, 21 September, in the morning three trucks were stolen from a business in the Driefontein area after a security guard had been overwhelmed. The SAPS was alerted and swiftly reacted. By Tuesday afternoon two of the trucks had already been found in the Springs area.

On Friday, 18 September roadblocks were conducted in conjunc- A vehicle and possessions are being searched during a roadblock tion with the traffic police. Even though the weather was all but perfect for being outside, these people stood their ground in the rain and cold. The Excelsior News team was on the spot when arrests were made for possession of illegal substance, probably dagga. Thank you for all the hard work that you put in to keep everyone safe; SAPS , CPF members and traffic officers! It is appreciated. Also on Friday, 18 September, there were quite a few housebreakings and attempted housebreakings and business burglaries. The weather did not seem to deter the criminals in any way. Some of the burglaries occurred in Phoswa Village, Phola Park and Emagadeni and others in Piet Retief town, especially in, but not limited to, the Klip Street and Klopper Street areas.

Mostly electronic equipment and electric appliances were stolen and also some money as well as poison. There was an attempt at stealing diesel as well. It is also said that tyres and rims, to the value of about R500 000, were stolen from a local business. The matter is being investigated, but one suspect has already been detained in connection with the matter. More illegal hunting with dogs have been reported as well. From the stock theft unit it is reported that there has been an increase in the stealing of horses. Recently 12 horses were retrieved when they were found in the Perdekop area. A farmer there apparently buys and sells the horses. Three suspects have been arrested and charged on eight counts of stock theft. The police had a very well organised suppliers day at Kempville, also on Friday, 18 September and on Monday, 21 September, a group of field trainees were welcomed who will assist in keeping the community safe for the next 12 months. (See separate articles).