Cultural Festivities at Hospital

Amagungu Omhlaba
Amagungu Omhlaba
Some of the staff at the Piet Retief Provincial Hospital, decided to have their Cultural Festivities, but with a different “flavour” to it.

The hospital staff members were dressed in traditional clothing and they danced and sang on Wednesday, 7 October, during their lunch hour. What made these celebrations so special, however, was the food! Nokubonga Dladla (Food Services Manager) and her team prepared very nutritious and wholesome, true, traditional, African dishes.

Cultural Festivities
Piet Retief Hospital Management: Left to right: Dr Akasha, Dr Salawu, Mr L.P. Lekhuleni (CEO), Matron Roena Nkonyane and Mr Musa Tshangase

There were dishes like samp (with and without beans), beef offal and chicken feet. For drinks they served amageu and ginger beer. As there was no time to prepare the latter in the traditional way, the ginger beer was bought “ready made”. What a lovely time they all had. Let us all cherish our own backgrounds and be proud of our heritage, so that our children’s children will still know about it all and be able to enjoy and cook our traditional meals.

Cultural Festivities
Mukelo Msimange and Makhosazana
Mhlipa demonstrate how respect is shown
to a man in the Swazi Culture