Sinenhlanhla Says Thank You

Sinenhlanhla with the Busy Bees Daycare team
Sinenhlanhla with the Busy Bees Daycare team
Sinenhlanhla Says: Thank You, iMbhokodo. “Maybe being grateful means recognising what you have for what it is, appreciating small victories, admiring the struggle it takes to simply be human…at the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing is reason enough to celebrate.” Meredith Grey

Three year old Sinenhlanhla Bhembe has been unable to walk since birth and has also been diagnosed with epilepsy. She has, since birth, been under the guardianship of her grandmother, Nesther Bhembe, who tirelessly continues to try and make her granddaughter’s life as easy and comfortable as she possibly can.

Sinenhlanhla’s grandmother approached our Excelsior News team with the hope of getting a platform to thank the many hands that have helped her with her physically challenged grandchild.

According to Ms Bhembe, the Piet Retief Hospital staff has played a very big role in Sinenhlanhla’s life in trying to find medical means of possibly reversing, or minimising, her physical turmoil. She commends the staff for their patience and care towards her grandchild.

Ms Bhembe also mentioned that what stands out to her, is that most of these ever willing helping hands are women and she wishes to thank them for not only being mothers to their own children, but for also extending their love to her Sinenhlanhla.

This three-yearold little girl goes to the Busy Bees Pre- School and Daycare during weekdays as her grandmother has to be at work during this time. Sinenhlanhla’s grandmother wishes to thank the principal, Alta, and her entire team for taking care of her for very long hours of the day and accepting her even with her physical challenges.

Ms Bhembe says that she drops her little one off at 6:45 and picks her up at 17:00 every Piet Retief Hospital personnel that help with Sinenhlanhla’s medical care day. Even after having spent such long hours at the daycare, Sinenhlanhla always remains bubbly and cheerful because of the love and care that she receives at this establishment.

On behalf of Sinenhlanhla and their entire family, Ms Bhembe wishes to forward her sincere gratitude to all the wonderful women who have shown so much love and support towards her family. She further went on to say that their hearts as a family are melted by all the efforts and the impeccable care for their daughter.

Wathinta Abafazi, wathinta imbhokodo!!!! (You strike a woman, you strike a rock). This slogan deems fit to be applicable to all women who have played a significant role in this child’s life. Even with women’s month being over, one has to acknowledge that women of this calibre need to be celebrated throughout the year.

Sinenhlanhla in her new walking frame
Sinenhlanhla in her new walking frame