Road Rules

Excelsior News - Letter to Editor
Excelsior News - Letter to Editor

Would somebody please be so kind as to give me a copy of the latest “Road Rules”? There are only eleven of us left that still adhere to the “Old Road Rules”.

The new rules so far include:

  • Double park, engage hazard lights. Lock the car and go shopping.
  • Stop halfway aroud a corner and engage in a conversation with a pedestrian and / or load up a passenger – with luggage.
  • Park on the wrong side of the road.
  • Indicate left and turn right.
  • Don’t indicate at all.
  • Do not stop at a stop sign.
  • Treat a red traffic light as a caution sign.
  • Accelerate in the parking bays and edge your way into the traffic. If there is another vehicle in a parking bay ahead, force your way into the traffic.
  • Park in the driveway of a business.
  • If a driveway has a gate with a sign that reads “Do not park in the driveway” park right there, lock up and go away for the rest of the day.
  • Drive on the GOOD side of the road.
  • If you have a GP number plate, drive at 15kph down the main street and dam up the traffic as far back as possible.
  • Do NOT look in your rear view mirror.
  • Yellow lines indicate free parking.

I need to catch up on the rest of the “New road rules” so please help.

Kind regards David Hancock 082 644 1042