Letter – Speed bumps

Excelsior News - Letter to Editor
Excelsior News - Letter to Editor

I wish to highlight the following about speed bumps.

As per SANRAL and the National “Arive Alive” manual, the generally accepted height of speed bumps is 7 to 10 cm with the width varying and the length normally spanning the road.

The manual further states that the signage and marking of such a speed bump is subject to the Road Traffic Act (Act 93 of 1996) Chapter VII – Road Safety, Chapter IX – Road Traffic Signs and speed limit.

The road traffic manual sets out the norms and standards and states: – “To deviate from this, there must be very good reasons (In other words, do not deviate.).” I do not think that the two speed bumps in Von Brandis Street or the one in Kotze Street meet these required spesifications. Can someone please clarify this as these bumps are a pain in the exhaust of many vehicles (and owners).

Kind regards. David Hancock 082 644 1042