Filter Piggery Does it Again

Filter Piggery
Filter Piggery

Filter Piggery has many a time taken it upon itself to try and make a change in the rural communities of Mkhondo.

They have in the past made several donations towards projects that do not only uplift rural communities, but also engage the youth in doing positive things. On this occasion, the 18th of August, the company visited the Wagen Drift Village and the Hans Village to hand over netball poles to the youth for their recently graded netball courts.

The Mkhondo Municipality kindly graded netball courts in both these villages with the permission of the relevant C.P.A managers. All that was now left was for these courts to be fitted with netball poles so that the youth could start enjoying their new facilities. It goes without saying that there is still a lot of work, however, that still needs to be done on both these courts as they currently do not meet all the safety standards required.

According to information supplied to us by a self-proclaimed community upliftment activist, Mr E.T. Gumede, the reason why they saw it fit to make the availability of these courts a priority, was so that they could divert the youth’s attention towards more constructive means of entertainment.

On behalf of both these communities, Mr Gumede would like to thank Filter Piggery for their generous contribution and for always being actively involved in projects that are aimed at bringing change to the rural communities. He also appeals to Mkhondo stakeholders and private businesses to stop shying away from contributing to rural communities.

Mr Gumede went on to say that further support, in terms of the development of sport and recreation in the rural communities, is much needed and anyone who wishes to make a contribution towards such initiatives can kindly contact him on 078 465 4903 or alternatively on 082 676 8876.

A netball team enjoying the use of their new facility
A netball team enjoying the use of their
new facility