Correctional Services Lady Staff Move it

Correctional Services aerobics team
Correctional Services aerobics team

The lady staff members at Piet Retief Correctional Services recently decided to celebrate Women’s Day in a different way by changing their way of living.

These ladies decided to look into the well-being of a woman in terms of a healthy mind and body, thus becoming a spiritually and physically healthy being. They celebrated Women’s Day at the Piet Retief Correctional Service Centre on Friday, 28 August 2015.

Their celebrations were embraced and blessed by the following dignitaries from Correctional Services: Ms L.Y. Motha, Mr P.C. Langa ( Head of the Correctional Centre) and Mr. T.S. Hlabisa. Mr Hlabisa opened and welcomed the members and Ms. L.Y. Motha shared a word of encouragement and support.

After the formalities, they did some aerobics, practising their bodies physically. Thereafter they had a braai together as a sign of togetherness and showing that women are versatile.