Busy Bees Buzz at Spur

Learning on an outing to Spur?

The grade R class of the Busy Bees Pre-School had a super outing to Tuscarora Spur on Friday, 28 August. Although it was a fun filled outing, it also had great educational value as an added benefit. The children went to Spur in two groups, one group at a time, as the grade R class at the school is quite large – 32 in all!

The second group included two birthday boys and what a lovely time they had. Each had their own birthday cake to share with their friends. They blew out the candles and the other children sang “Happy birthday” to them. This was not just another birthday party though, this was a special school outing. Except for cake, everyone had a shake of their choice and a tasty hamburger and chips!

The cake was eaten afterwards, of course. The outing was definitely filled with a lot of fun, but the children were also reminded of the importance of having good table as well as overall manners, which they were expected to apply.

Being courteous towards others at and around the table, handling cutlery correctly and so forth were all emphasised. They all said grace together before eating and enjoyed their meal tremendously. Owner, Alta de Wet, says that the kids behaved mostly very well and that she is proud of them. This just goes to show that fun and education can definitely be combined!

Saying grace
Saying grace

Busy Bees 2

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