Absent Road Signs

Absent Road Signs

Absent Road Signs – Great Cause for Concern – One of the prerequirements before an individual can be allowed to obtain a driver’s licence in South Africa, is that they must have learnt about the use of the signs on our roads.

This is a very important requirement as these signs help guide all motorists into safely using our roads. It becomes a little bit of a concern though when these signs are not clearly visible to the driver or sometimes even absent. The junction on the newly renovated Mark and Zuidend Streets poses an alarming threat to pedestrians and possibly even to motorists who do not use our roads on a regular basis. There is only a single set of zebra stripes for pedestrians crossing Mark Street onto the other side of Zuidend Street, but the same cannot be said for pedestrians crossing Zuidend Street.

When an Excelsior News reporter went to the site to observe the concerns that the public had brought forward, it was found that indeed there was no proper signage at this junction. The public has proposed that this junction be treated or marked as a threeway stop. They are hoping that should it be treated as such, it would give room for the pedestrians to safely cross these streets and minimize the forced entry into Zuidend Street by taxis and large vehicles during peak hour traffic. The abovementioned are only but suggestions. However, there may come a time when these suggestions can be seen to have been the reason behind many lives saved.

Absent Road Signs
The only area on this junction that is
clearly marked for pedestrian crossing

Absent Road Signs Absent Road Signs