Caution: traffic circle ahead!

Caution: traffic circle ahead!

Caution: traffic cirThe new traffic circle on the N2 (in front of Total Welgekozen), was the cause of numerous accidents over the past weekend.

According to a spokesperson of Rolf’s Towing, the accidents were a direct result of motorists who claim that they were not aware of the new traffic circle. On Friday, 15 February, the driver of a Mitsubishi Colt bakkie was involved in an accident at around 23:30.

Due to poor weather conditions, the motorist did not see the traffic circle ahead and collided into the kerbing. Some of his passengers sustained light injuries.cle ahead!On Saturday, 16 February, the driver of a black VW Polo collided into the kerbing of the traffic circle at around 03:00 as he also claimed not to have seen the circle. No injuries were reported on the scene.

On Sunday morning, 17 February, another accident occurred in the same spot when the driver of a white VW Polo went over the kerbing of the traffic circle. No injuries were reported. Are there not enough warning signs well ahead of the traffic circle, which warn motorists of it?

Coming into Piet Retief (from Ermelo), a road sign specifically indicates 60 km/h and one tends to think that if you have abided by the rules of the road, you might have had enough time to slow down before the circle. Further along the road there is a road sign warning motorists about the circle ahead. On the other hand, poor weather conditions could have been a contributing factor.

The Excelsior News spoke to Mr Anton Nortje, Head of the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit on Tuesday, 19 February, regarding the traffic circle and the hazard it is creating. Mr Nortje mentioned that he addressed a letter to various departments who are involved with the building of the traffic circle.

According to him, this traffic circle will not be able to accommodate abnormal heavy motor vehicles, which travel through Piet Retief on a regular basis. Feedback on his request is still pending and at this stage, the various departments are at logger heads about the way forward.

Maybe a traffic light would not have been such a bad option instead of a traffic circle? In the meantime, motorists are urged to take extra precautions when travelling in the area. Take note of the traffic circle and drive at the designated speed limit.