TVK Recyclers continue to clean Mkhondo

TVK Recyclers continue to clean Mkhondo
Volunteers recently cleaned an area in eThandukukhanya

Mr Thabo Mathebula, founder of the non-profitable organisation, TVK Recyclers, together with about 50 volunteers are hard at work in keeping Mkhondo clean.

On regular occasions Mr Mathebula and his volunteers visit the communities within Mkhondo to clean the streets of refuse. They also recycle whatever they can in order for them to generate an income. Since 2017, TVK Recyclers’ volunteers have been working individually without any assistance from the municipality.

TVK Recyclers continue to clean Mkhondo
It is evident taht people dumping their rubbish just everywhere, is a huge problem in Mkhondo

They do not have the proper equipment or transport and have to walk to wherever they are working. Afterwards, they walk back to their homes where they also store the recyclable items, but at this stage, their neighbours are starting to complain as the huge piles of recyclable items are becoming a health hazard to all.

TVK Recyclers have made a request to the municipality to assist them in finding a premises from where they will be able to sort and recycle, but to date, they have not been assisted. These volunteers are truly making a difference in Mkhondo’s various communities as they are cleaning up all the litter scattered around our town.

If they suddenly have to stop performing this task, a definite difference will be noticed! If anyone is able to assist them in taking their business forward, kindly contact Mr Mathebula on 072 551 9633.