Local tavern closed down

After numerous warnings regarding the selling of liquor illegally and various attempts by police officials to speak to the owner of a tavern, situated in Kruger Street, the lady owner blatantly ignored the police, which resulted in them forcefully closing down the tavern and arresting the owner on the scene.

According to Warrant Officer Terreblanche, who was present on Friday, 16 November, the owner of the tavern was warned repeatedly, but to no avail. He further stated that police officials paid her a visit again on Thursday, 15 November, and requested that she should close the tavern until all the required documentation and a valid liquor trading licence was obtained, but she then went ahead and openend the tavern again on Friday.

The 34-year old lady was arrested on three counts; fraud, violation of the Mpumalanga Liquor Act and failure to comply to a lawful instruction from a police officer.

The police officials who had been present also made an inventory of all the liquor that they confiscated before they closed the tavern. The general public will however be very grateful for this as it was known as an area in which various criminal activities took place.

Cases of drinking in public as well as violent assaults have also been reported in the area. The accused appeared in the Piet Retief Court on Monday, 19 November, and the case was postponed for further investigation.