HMV’s disobeying traffic laws

Regularly heavy motor vehicles are seen travelling in streets where they are not authorised to do so, but on Wednesday, 7 November, a truck driver was caught off guard in Church Street.

At around 13:30, Church Street becomes very busy as it is time for the school (Piet Retief Primary School) to adjourn and with vehicles travelling in all directions, there is surely no space for extra-large vehicles as well.

A driver of a Coca- Cola truck was pulled-off by a local traffic official, in the mist of heavy traffic, whilst he was travelling in Church Street. Thank you to the traffic official for acting quickly as it is an area where schoolchildren cross the busy street daily. What will happen if a driver of a heavy motor vehicle come speeding down Church Street and did not see a child crossing the street?

It would also be much appreciated if the local Traffic Department could place an official at Piet Retief Primary School’s premises daily, in the mornings as well as during the afternoons. Many motorists do not adhere to the rules and an official regulating the traffic will make a positive difference.