Alpha & Omega School – 20 years celebration

Alpha & Omega School celebrated 20 years on Thursday 8th November.

The school initially catered for Zulu speaking children and the main objective was to teach them English and basic literacy in order to prepare them for Grade 1.

Since then Alpha and Omega School has grown in such a way that it now uses two properties (one to accommodate the preschool to grade 3 and administration; and the other for the Intermediate phase). The celebrations started at the beginning of the year with great introspection as to where the school came from and what the next 20 years will bring for the school, as well as the overall community.

As part of this introspection the school’s logo has changed from the popular known shape to a shape of a harp, to demonstrate that the school’s focus is not only developing the learners academically, but also offers the learners a platform to unlock their musical gifts.

As part of the celebrations the learners were given a chance to share their talents for the 20th celebration, and it was a joyous event filled with emotional speeches, dancing, laughter and finally balloons were given to each class to display an inclusive celebration for all the learners.