Class of ‘78 converged happily upon the top notch venue of Sundowner on the 14th of April for a 40-year reunion – some staying over there too. The atmosphere of joy and fellowship reached into every heart and there came thoughts as our ways so happily reunited.

I came back to a love I knew was burning still. I came back to the town where my earliest thoughts and feelings nestled, soared and thrived. A class reunion after 40 years called us back from farflung places to reunite with the sometimes first and mostly final crucial garland of friends our younger lives were graced with. I came home to familiar shining faces, sculpted to beauty by intervening years.

I came back to voices and laughter and turns of phrase that had sparkled and washed around us daily in classes, on the sports fields, on bus rides and in the corridors of discovery and maturing. Our pantheon of educators were present in the eyes of every friend, of every memory – we spoke of our teachers . . . Our homes shone forth in the words that flowed out the rich legacy we share.

Mr Botha Stoop popped in towards the evening as representing the nurturing generation, spoke to us with love and led us in praising our faithul Father for the table set before us with a spread we feasted on in warm luxury and atmosphere. Every detail was delightful and very fine.

We hugged and explored one another’s photos, families, life journeys . . .

We wandered through a beautifully expanded school and reminisced in puddles of shade on the green grass of home. André and Isolde, we thank you for your planning and persistent search for those on our school photos.

We remembered those who have left us. We cherish our splended childhood and we cherish those who are always in our hearts and in the fibre of our lives. Article by Ronél Smit (Van der Spuy) – Headgirl 1978