Repaired Road Causes Multiple Accidents – On Wednesday, 25 May 2016, two accidents took place because of a pothole that had been repaired.

On the Wakkerstroom road (R543), just below the bridge at Meat Mnandi there used to be a horrible patch of road. However, another company, sub-contracted by the Gert Sibande District Municipality recently repaired this road. They fixed the whole patch and covered it with tar. We as the users of this road would usually show gratitude towards repairs like these being done to our roads, but not to this repair. On Wednesday, 25 May 2016, a local resident was on his way to work in the direction of Wakkerstroom, the same as every other day. Though this would not be a normal day! As he drove past the fixed patch of road his vehicle suddenly glided over the road causing it to hit the pavement. Thankfully he was not injured but his vehicle was damaged. Later the same day a second incident occurred on the same patch that had been repaired.

A driver of a second vehicle, heading in the direction of Piet Retief suffered the same fate. The Emergency Services were notified and headed to the scene. But what could’ve been the cause of these two incidents? The Emergency Services arrived at the scene and noticed that there was loose gravel all over the road. It is presumed that workers had failed to remove the loose gravel, which had been left after repairs were completed. This caused the two vehicles to simply glide across the road. The Emergency Services, with the help of Rolf’s Towing, quickly cleaned and cleared the road to make it safe to use once more.

Thank you! Afriforum recently requested that the Gert Sibande District Municipality put work to the potholes. Afriforum, however, distanced themselves from the work done by the previous company. Afriforum recently had their own campaign to repair potholes but stated that they had made use of a different company. Afriforum has sent a letter to the Gert Sibande District Municipality requesting that the contract with the previous company be terminated as their work is not up to standard.