Local Urdu Singer Acclaimed Internationally

Hafiz Mohamed Gangat reciting for music videos
Hafiz Mohamed Gangat reciting for music videos

Urdu Singer Mohamed Gangat’s singing career is well underway and his international status is growing rapidly.

Mohamed says that the one person who really inspired and even pushed him, making him believe in himself, is his wife, Ridhwana. She kept on telling him: “You can do it”. His great breakthrough came last year while he was on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia and he had to do a live telephonic performance from there for the radio station Channel Islam international. Their being an international radio station, gave him a lot of exposure. They also use his material on a daily basis. Hafiz (a title earned when one has memorised the Quraan) Mohamed Gangat’s childhood dream became a reality during 2014 when his debut album was launched by the above mentioned radio station.

Humbled by the extreme support for this album, he was prompted to launch a second one. A big (with a full house), very successful launch of Volume 2 (Sarkaar ka Madinah) was hosted by the same Channel Islam International in the Kempville Hall on 18 April 2015. Inspired by his late grandfather Cassim Gangat (Loxton) and his late mother, Rabia Khan, Mohamed was en- Reciting for DEEN TV’s music video couraged and gained confidence to recite Urdu as well as Arabic praises of Allah (The Almighty) as well as the Muslim people’s beloved Prophet Muhammed (Peace be Upon Him). All recitals are done a capella, except for four tracks on Volume 2, where he uses the duff (drum).

Mohamed has performed at Muslim community functions and shows all over the country in places like Durban, Johannesburg, Ladysmith and Pretoria and his CD’s are for sale, not only directly from him, but all over the country as well, even in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Recently he has shot two music videos for the Islamic channel of Top TV (DEEN TV) and he is currently working on infiltrating the UK market as it is very Urdu inclined like the South African market. Mohamed thanks all fans and the community at large for their continuous support, saying that he could never have done any of this without them. He then quotes: “A man with dreams needs a woman with vision” and concludes by saying: “Thank you ever so much, Ridhwana!”